Neighborhorde is Greenlit!


Cheers, friends. Our new game Neighborhorde got greenlit, and the Coming Soon page is live on Steam. Check it out, here:

If you like, put Neighborhorde in your wishlist, follow it, and tell your buddies. We'd really appreciate it!

We’re still hard at work on Neighborhorde, and if you’ve got ideas, we’re all ears. Weapons, enemies, superpowers, etc. Make a post in the Community. This game IS for you and your pals after all.

See you in Neighborville!


Neighborhorde had a blast at PAX South! PAX was Fermenter's first chance to show anything in a expo setting, and though it was exhausting, we had the raddest time. We were able to show Neighborhorde to hundreds of people and made some great memories playing the game with them! 

 A BIG thanks to Dallas Society of Play peeps for sharing the space with us. Be sure to check out Jack Jack, Push and Pull, and Innerspace, the games we had the privilege of showing next to.

A BIG thanks to Dallas Society of Play peeps for sharing the space with us. Be sure to check out Jack Jack, Push and Pull, and Innerspace, the games we had the privilege of showing next to.

Coolest of all, we had strangers tell us to keep doing what we were doing. A few groups of people told us that the most fun they had at PAX was playing Neighborhorde. On the last day, there were people choosing to come back and spend their time at our booth, when there were a hundred other booths they could be at instead. That was just awesome.

It's always a trip to watch anybody enjoy your game, but to watch hundreds of people in a row for 3 days enjoy Neighborhorde together is something I'll treasure for a long time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth.


Next stop: polish polish polish. We've just put in our applications to get Neighborhorde on various consoles, and now we're just working on more characters, more levels, and adding to our already 80+ pool of weapons and superpowers. Fortunately, this game is still fun to make and test.

Be on the lookout for previews and announcements soon. Until then, give us a follow on Twitter and help us out on Steam Greenlight and tell your friends/enemies/neighbors.

Play Neighborhorde at PAX South

That's right folks, we'll be at PAX South next weekend. We'll be sharing a booth few kind fellows from Dallas Society of Play. If you want to get your hands on Neighborhorde early and get some rad stickers, please come find us!



Oh, also, check out Neighborhorde's new gameplay trailer.

We're almost a year into development and we're just loving the game more and more. It's getting close to being complete, so help us get it to the masses by voting Yes on Neighborhorde's Steam Greenlight page.

Until then, it's crunch time. Go go go!

Home Sweet Home Stretch

We've been working hard on getting all the dev-art temporary stuff replaced with the real deal. It's really exciting to see our game come to life. "This looks like a REAL game!" is something I've shouted quite a bit over the past few weeks. 

Here's a quick little preview of what we've got coming:

More to come soon! Thanks for all the support so far, y'all. Be sure to vote for Neighborhorde on Greenlight and tell your pals!

Neighborhorde is on Steam Greenlight

We’re excited to announce the Steam Greenlight launch of our latest game, Neighborhorde. But wait, there’s more: we’re also revealing our first trailer alongside the Greenlight launch!

We've been excited to show this stuff off for a while, and we hope you're excited to see it too! Let us know if you like our trailer, and please help us bring our hard work to life by voting for us on Steam Greenlight: