Merry-Go-Rounds and Half-Life 2

Though a lot of the gameplay in Neighborhorde is inspired by Left 4 Dead, we're also taking a little note from another Valve game, Half-Life 2. Remember this?

This little area before you get to the action in HL2 has a lot of character simply because of the little physics demonstration in the playground. This area could've been something pretty disappointing if not for the interactivity of the merry-go-round and the other toys around it. Instead of nothing as in many games before it, the player gets rewarded with a little pointless fun for exploring this part of the map. How nice! How charming!

We love this kind of thing, so we're going to try and stuff a few silly little treats in Neighborhorde. Check out these so far!

- Andrew

Neighborhorde is in the works.



For the first time since our little 72hr Ludum Dare project, Sharks With Feelings, the Fermenter team is going at this one together. What better way to start back up again together than to build something we can all enjoy together?

Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and our own personal childhood experiences, Neighborhorde aims to capture those countless hours spent imagining action movie scenarios as a kid. You’re just hanging out with your friends in your neighborhood when suddenly, portals open up from another land; L.A.M.E., the Land of Awful Mean Evil. Through the portals come all the lame things you despise as a kid. Homework, evil robots, brocolli, and more are out to get you. Luckily you have your trusty wooden sword, and your pal has some bottle rockets left over from New Years. Work together with your friends and triumph over evil. 


We’re still hard at work on the game, but we’d love to hear what you think about it. If you’ve got ideas (enemy/weapon ideas, etc) you think would fit well into the game, we’re all ears!

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In other news, look forward to the announcement of a few new Fermenter projects soon. I'm going on a much needed vacation next week, but when I get back it's time for some reveals.

Thanks for all the encouragement, everyone. I couldn't do this thing I love without your support.