SPINGUN is out now!

Launch day has arrived! I sincerely hope you enjoy SPINGUN. Have fun! I plan on doing updates every few weeks based on player feedback, so if you experience any issues, or just have a cool new idea for the game, I'm always listening!

Happy spinning happy gunning!

- Andrew

SPINGUN needs your THUMBS!

Hi there, Andrew here!

In the process of finishing up Neighborhorde, I've had the time to work on a new little game...


Fly and steer with either button, or press both buttons at once to fire your ship’s powerful blaster gun. Grab powerups to launch missiles, plasma balls, and flames at your foes. Blast em to bits quick to repair your ship. How long can you fight off Goliath?

As of now, SPINGUN is in public beta, and I need your help. Sign up for a test build, try it out, and let me know what you think. Specifically, I'm looking for critiques to the early-game learning and user experience. Did you figure out how everything works fairly quickly? Does anything need more explanation? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Sign up here on the SPINGUN page:


Neighborhorde is Greenlit!


Cheers, friends. Our new game Neighborhorde got greenlit, and the Coming Soon page is live on Steam. Check it out, here:


If you like, put Neighborhorde in your wishlist, follow it, and tell your buddies. We'd really appreciate it!

We’re still hard at work on Neighborhorde, and if you’ve got ideas, we’re all ears. Weapons, enemies, superpowers, etc. Make a post in the Community. This game IS for you and your pals after all.


See you in Neighborville!